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Moving Cards: A Stylish Way to Change Your Address for That Big Move

Moving Cards: A Stylish Way to Change Your Address for That Big Move

Throughout your twenties, you likely moved fairly often from apartment to apartment, back to your parents’ house for a stint after college, or maybe even to a different city (or two). Each of these moves was fairly inconsequential, done in a couple of boxes and suitcases, which you then filed formally with a change of address form at the post office. As we get older though, you start making more important moves we need our family and friends to take notice of. Whether you’re hosting a housewarming party or merely keeping friends and family posted on the new place where you hang your hat, a stylish and thoughtful way to do it is with a moving card.

When compared to wedding invitations and baby shower notices, moving announcements are fairly new to the game. This means that a lot of the tradition associated with more common formal notices and invitations are out the window, giving you a lot of opportunity to make your announcement unique to your personality—and fun. Minted.com has a ton of wildly creative moving card designs you can choose from. You can download the Cow-themed moving card design here.

But how do you strike the right chord between the importance of the occasion and the playful sense of humor that makes your holiday sweater cards so fridge-worthy every year? Here are a couple of pointers:

#1 – Remember to include all the necessary information. Above all, make sure that your announcement clearly spells out the address at your new home and, especially, when you are officially moved in. This may seem like a no-brainer, but often in the excitement of putting together a design you can leave out this type of important information. If your announcement doubles as an invitation to a housewarming, be sure to include the date, time, and your expectations with regards to food,  cocktails, and gifts. The right information will clear up any potential confusion ahead of time.


#2 – Design something simple. Your announcement should probably not look like those flyers left on your windshield when you park too close to a nightclub. A lot of popular pre-made designs draw influence from the change-of-address forms issued by the post office—or a classic postal motif in general—whereas others more closely resemble baby announcements. You could feature an image of your new home, too. Just be sure to not over-clutter your design, as a jumbled motif can crowd out the information you want people to remember and even look a little boasty.


Card by DuetLetterpress in Etsy

#3 – Add your own sense of style. So much of the moving announcement comes down to your personality and tastes. This isn’t a formal contract, and because the medium is one that is fairly new and uncommon you have a great opportunity to show off your fun side. If you’re moving somewhere a great distance from home, why not include some element of your destination in the design? A local bird or signature landmark feature, a cactus or tree you just don’t see at home? If you’re hitting the road on the way, why not emphasize the journey? There’s a whole world of opportunity when it comes to design, and you have a great chance to show off your sense of humor (as well as your excitement!)

Minted.com has tons of creative designs for moving cards.

Minted.com has tons of creative designs for moving cards.

#4 – Choose good cardstock. Like your wedding invites, choosing the right paper for your design will make all the difference when it comes to presentation. A solid 80/100 cardstock is always a good choice for matte paper designs, especially if you’re looking for a handmade artisan feel. Minted.com has stock options that range from regular card stock to more luxurious options if your budget is feeling up to it. If you are going to print photographs of yourself, your family, or your new home,  semi-gloss paper is a great choice to savor the sharp lines and vibrant colors of your shot.


And mail them out well ahead of time. The weeks building up to a big move are stressful and chaotic, and the likelihood that your moving announcements will fall down your to do list when compared to chasing old security deposits and closing on home loans is high. Missing the deadline on your moving announcement can throw a wrench in the works when it comes to your housewarming parties, and can lead to missing mail in that crucial period while they’re in transit. Mailing out your notices early—say, a month before you start the moving process—gives people ample time to receive their announcements before you hit the road.

Sending out printed announcements for the important milestones in your life keeps far-flung friends up to date on your life. They also tell the people you love and cherish that you are thinking of them. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving announcements are a stylish new way to tell the people who matter that you’re making a big step—and that it’s time to update their rolodex.


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