You don't go to a
car dealership
when you need gas why go back to your printer manufacturer
when you run out of ink or toner?

Save on Printer Ink

The First One's Free: How printer manufacturers hook
you on printer ink/toner

Imagine this scenario. You're working from home and you just spent the better part of a week creating your big presentation. You're finally ready to print it and submit it to your Type-A client - when your printer stalls because you're out of ink. You frantically scramble to a big box store and you notice the colors and black ink cartridges that need replacing cost more than $60. And to make matters worse, for an extra $10 you could just buy a brand-new fancy printer altogether. Sounds like a horrible nightmare. Unfortunately, it's all too real. It's also precisely the trap major printer companies hope you fall into again and again.

Now, stop and rewind. Before you make yet another run to the nearest big box store, know that there are alternatives. You just have to be aware of them.

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Printer Ink Alternatives
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Your alternatives come in the form of remanufactured and compatible cartridges. What does that mean? In simple terms, "remanufactured" means the cartridge is recycled and "compatible" means the cartridge is brand new. You'll find there are a bevy of options in the market but quality varies across the manufacturers. LD brand cartridges provide comparable quality prints at a fraction of the cost plus they back up all purchases with a 2 year, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

We thought the market called for a massive paradigm shift that actually considered the consumer as well. Our benchmarks as a company have always been about quality and value, and we feel we're delivering on that.
-Aaron Leon, CEO of LD Products 

Those benchmarks have driven LD Products to take on some of those bigger name brands and beat them at their own game. So much so that the company has grown into the largest online retailer of ink and toner in America - shipping over one million orders a year!

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