In the past year as we have made purchases from by using alternative products instead of the name brand, we have only one failure and i was very shocked when the cartridge would not work. this has a lot to say about the quality of their products.

- Georgie, 6/22/2016

After checking many online stores inkcartidges had what i needed at the best price.

- Raw9658, 6/22/2016

Very good

- OLD, 6/22/2016

Great prices, glad i find them

- Online User, 6/21/2016

On my first order, the ink cartridge did not work. sent replacement, that did not work either. then sent a third one and that one did work. customer service was very good and worked hard on get a working cartridge to me.

- Keith, 6/20/2016

I've found inkcartridges to be a reliable source in the past and always seem to come back to them when needed.

- Jim, 6/19/2016

Goo exprience

- Buddy, 6/17/2016

It is easy to find the product i want and it is easy to order. i love its free shipping. if i like the product after i use it, i plan to buy some more.

- Sprout, 6/17/2016

Nice way to shop

- Dutch, 6/14/2016

Speedy delivery. i ordered on friday and it arrived on monday. i was able to return the black ink cartridges l had bought at ofice max which cost nearly as much as my entire order.

- Online User, 6/15/2016

If this refilled toner cartridge works well, i will surely purchase more.

- GIMS, 6/13/2016

I have ordered from them before and there product performed for as long as the oem cartridge for a fraction of the price. i liked it so much i told my family and now they order from them.

- Online User, 6/14/2016

Great price

- Joe, 6/12/2016

They seem to last as long as what we had bought at staples & we will buy from you again.

- Jamescathey, 6/12/2016

Thank you for same price with choosing missing color inks vs. whole color inks purchase.

- Paul, 6/12/2016

First time user.

- Bill, 6/7/2016

At first my printer said i had to have original, but finally got the printer to work and the ink is good. so much better price than the original. affordable and works fine for me.

- Babbs, 6/7/2016

Always very pleased with product and quick delivery

- Jack the coach, 6/4/2016

I was pleased to find this link to ink cartridges. com via the amazon website.

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I purchased from ink cartridges once before and have been very happy with their product.. i have recommended ink cartridges to several friends and all have been very happy with their purchases.. pricing and quality are most important with my selecting your product.. thanks

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